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US weekly article

ok so this is an article from last weeks US weekly...

Garner to have ex fired?

jennifer garner, 33, split with ex michael vartan, 36 - but will she put him out of a job as well? an alias insider tells hot stuff that garner has had enough of the tension caused by the show costar vartan whenever her beau, ben affleck, 32, visits the set. "Ben is always there and it bugs michael," says the source. "Jen asked the writers to cut out kissing scences, and she has said she would love to have his character [agent michael vaughn] killed off. That is why they left the cliffhanger open. he is not dead for sure, but they are seriously considering having him leave [before] next season." an abc rep had no comment, and vartan's did not return calls.

whatever...i only believe certain things in the magazine which i love getting every week its my weekly drug let me tell you. lol but this is only thing i dont believe, what do the rest of you think?
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